SEPTEMBER 15, 2015 WAWA: Hill Repeats…..back to where it all began!

Our first-ever WAWA event was focused on a hill repeats workout that we did on Queens Road West.  We started at the bottom of the hill, and ran up to the top where QRW intersects into Queens Road……back down again….rinse and repeat!

This week, we’re focused on “running” so I’m taking us back to that dreaded hill for another visit….or, should I say, multiple visits!  This week is a relatively simple workout….just tough!

You can do this!

REMINDER #1:  We’re meeting on TUESDAY this week since I’m traveling on Wednesday.

REMINDER #2:  We’re moving up the workout time to 5:30 am!  No change to the duration of 1 hour.

The Workout:

Meet at parking lot outside Oxford Hall, Myers Park Presbyterian Church, just off Oxford Place.

Starting the Workout (approximately 1.5 miles):

Moderate jog from parking lot along the following route:

  • Right onto Oxford Place
  • Left onto Queens Road
  • Continue onto Selwyn Road
  • Right onto Wellesley Avenue
  • Right onto Queens Road West
  • Regroup at the intersection of QRW and Sherwood Ave (bottom of the hill)

Workout on the Hills (approximately 2.0 – 4.0 miles depending on ability group):

  • “Brisk” run from the bottom of the hill to the top near the intersection of QRW and Queens; approximately 0.5 miles
  • Easy jog back to the bottom of the hill to the start, intersection of QRW and Sherwood Avenue; approximately 0.5 miles
  • Rest for 1 minute
  • Repeat 3 more times for the seasoned runners; 1 more time for novice runners

Finishing the Workout (approximately 0.75 miles):

  • Easy jog from the bottom of the hill up along Sherwood Avenue
  • Left onto Queens Road
  • Right onto Oxford Place and parking lot

Total Running Distance planned:  

-Advanced Runners: approximately 6.25 miles

-Novice Runners:  approximately 4.25 miles

Exercise Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart