SEPTEMBER 23, 2015 WAWA: Paying for Parking!

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) is on a break this Wednesday so “seize the day” with one of our favorite workouts:  Parking Deck Stairs!

Meet at the Oxford Place parking lot at Myers Park Presbyterian Church, just outside Oxford Hall.  Please gather by 5:25 am.  Quick stretch then light jog to Myers Park Traditional Elementary School.  Here’s the workout:


Focused stretching

1 lap around the soccer fields track


Jog over to parking deck stairwell

Run up 4 flights of stairs to the top

50 jumping jacks at the top….that’s your “parking payment”

Run back down 4 flights of stairs

1 lap around the fields

Return to base of stairwell for 45 second breather

“Rinse and repeat” five (5) more times.  Change the “parking payment” at the top as follows:

2nd set:  20 burpees

3rd set:  50 flutter-kicks

4th set:  50 jumping jacks

5th set: 20 burpees

Final set: 50 flutter-kicks

Light jog back to Oxford Place (MPPC) then stretching.

Exercise Leader: Mike Leader

Devotion Leader: Mike Lenhart

Sounds great, right?  Come join us this Wednesday morning!

Carpe Diem!