SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 WAWA: Pumpkin Patch Pilates

The Fall season is officially upon us and I’ve picked a workout fitting for the time of year! This week’s WAWA is a non-run focused, circuits workout. Take a look at the plan below:

Meeting location:

Same as before….Myers Park Presbyterian Church parking lot off Oxford Place at 5:25 am.

Prior to taking off, each participant will select a card which will reveal a number. That number will correspond to a pumpkin with the same number. Participants will grab their proper pumpkin and we’ll jog to the Clock Tower at Queens University. Don’t worry….the pumpkins will vary in size but nothing too big that you can’t run with it!

You must protect your assigned pumpkin at all times unless otherwise directed.  If you drop or smash it, you’ll have to scoop it up, bag it, and carry the trash bag around the rest of the workout!  Not fun!


  • Circle up in front of the clock tower (facing Radcliffe Avenue) for stretching.
  • One warm-up lap around Clock Tower Circle.

The Workout:

Six exercise stations will be set up around the clock tower. Participants will do each station for 50 seconds, then rotate counter-clockwise to the next station. You’ll have a quick 10 second breather in-between stations.

After completing one complete circuit of the six stations, all participants will place their pumpkins at the base of the clock tower. Participants will then select a second card for a “new” pumpkin, grab the new pumpkin, take one lap around Clock Tower Circle, then head to one of the six stations for our second circuit. We’ll repeat this process a total of four circuits.

Here’s the six stations:

  • Pumpkin Squats
  • Pumpkin Curls to Overhead Press
  • Reverse Lunges with Pumpkin Rotation
  • Lateral Jumps over Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin Jacks
  • V-sit to Pumpkin Press Up

After the final circuit, you’ll keep whatever pumpkins you have at that point and jog directly back to the MPPC parking lot for cool-down & devotional.

Oh, and you get to take your pumpkin home with you at the end of the WAWA!  How else will you brag to all your friends about what you did before the sun came up??

Bonus points if you post a picture to the WAWA Facebook page of you and your pumpkin!

Exercise Leader: Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader: Mike Lenhart