NOV 4, 2015 WAWA: Behold….!

Last week marked our 20th WAWA since starting this exercise and accountability effort during the Summer.  And while I won’t promise that I’ll always do this…..I am going to give us a “break” from WAWA this week!  Now before anyone gets too terribly excited, I’ll admit that selfishly I’m nursing a stubborn deep heel bruise on my right foot.  So, I can use a little time off my feet…literally….to heal.  And since I know you will be chomping at the bit for next week’s WAWA, I’ll promise to bring a strong one on November 11th!

I’ve heard my good friend, Derek Macleod, often remind us of creation and re-creation time and time again in the Bible.  Revelation 21:5 says “Behold, I make all things new!”.  So in that spirit, let us take this week to rest, relax, rebuild….and make all things “new” for our next set of 20 weeks of workouts!

Enjoy your recovery week!

Coach Mike