NOV 11, 2015 WAWA: Yankee Doodle Dandy!

After a well-deserved week off, WAWA returns this week with a great, team-based, circuit drills workout.  This week, we’ll celebrate Veterans Day with this Yankee Doodle “dandy” of a workout.

Here’s your WAWA:

Meeting Location:  MPPC Parking Lot off Oxford Place

Light jog to Queens University Clock Tower, stretch and WAWA overview

The Workout:

Part 1:

Participants will divide into two even teams and will line up at opposite sides of the smaller “quad” (sidewalks).  Cones of three different colors will be scattered in the middle of the quad.  On “GO”, each team will send one member sprinting into the quad to grab one cone, then run back to his/her team members.  Tag one teammate who will then repeat the same step of collecting up one of the cones insides.

Part 1 ends when all the cones are collected.

Part 2:

What happens during Part 2?  Well…..I’ll reveal that tomorrow.  Let’s just say you will be rewarded based on the number of cones your team collects!

Part 2 will take approximately 30 minutes.

After completing Part 2, we’ll jog back to our Starting Point at MPPC for cool down and devotion.

Workout Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart