DEC 9, 2015 WAWA: Get Some for Getsemani!

Tomorrow will be a “balmy” 42 degrees for WAWA.  Perfect weather for a workout!

Last week, several of us were in El Salvador, building a Habitat home for a family living in the tiny village of Getsemani, about 2 hours west of the capital of San Salvador.  If you asked me yesterday if I’d ever like to see sand, cement, and buckets again…..I would have said…”heck no”!  Definitely hard work last week…but oh so rewarding!

So, in honor of our partners and new friends in Getsemani, I’m incorporating those items….well, at least the buckets….into tomorrow’s workout.  Those new friends were certainly our “stars” last week, so we’re bringing back the Queen’s University stairs workout in their honor!

MEETING LOCATION:  Parking lot at Myers Park Presbyterian Church, just outside Oxford Hall, off Oxford Place.  Quick ballistic stretching then jog over to the Queen’s University parking deck area.


Focused static stretching

1 lap around the soccer fields track


Jog over to parking deck stairwell

Grab one of the buckets at the bottom of the stairs; yes, they will be filled with something!

Run up 4 flights of stairs to the top

Put down your bucket

50 jumping jacks at the top

Run back down 4 flights of stairs bringing your bucket with you.

Leave the bucket at the bottom of the stairs.

1 lap around the fields

Return to base of stairwell for 45 second breather

“Rinse and repeat” five (5) more times.  Change the exercise at the top as follows:

2nd set:  25 bicycle crunches

3rd set:  20 wide-arm pushups

4th set:  50 jumping jacks

5th set:  15 burpees

Final set:  20 pushups, staggered, 10 on “each side”

Note:  If we have time, we’ll throw in a few core strengthening exercises before jogging back to our starting point at the church.

Light jog back to Oxford Place (MPPC) then stretching.

Exercise Leader: Mike Leader

Devotion Leader: Mike Lenhart