DEC 16, 2015 WAWA: “A Few of My Favorite Things!”

I’m certain Oprah did not have WAWA in mind for her end-of-year favorites!  Nothing against the Talk Show Diva….she has history as an accomplished marathon finisher (Marine Corps Marathon, 1994).  But for this week’s WAWA, I’m throwing some samples of some of my favorite workouts from this year!  Now, due to limited time, we’ll only focus on the best “non running” efforts this year…..get ready for some pumpkin overhead presses, cones, burpees, and weighed buckets!

Join us for the final WAWA of 2015!  (First WAWA of 2016 will be on JAN 6th.)


Meeting Location:  Myers Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC), parking lot outside Oxford Hall, off Oxford Place.

Meeting Time:  5:25 am (ready to start at 5:30 am)

Light ballistic stretching in MPPC parking lot, then jog to Queen’s University

Static stretching once we arrive at Queen’s.


Here are my “favorites”:


First Favorite:  Stairs/Buckets/Laps (2 times):  Location (Parking Deck at Queen’s University)

First set…..Start at the base of the parking deck stairwell

Grab one of the buckets at the bottom of the stairs; yes, they will be filled with something!

Run up 4 flights of stairs to the top

Put down your bucket

15 burpees at the top

Run back down 4 flights of stairs bringing your bucket with you.

Leave the bucket at the bottom of the stairs.

1 lap around the fields

Return to base of stairwell for 45 second breather

Second set….repeat with 50 jumping jacks at the top.  After jumping jacks, we’ll move to my Second Favorite!  (Leave your buckets at the top of the stairwell.)

Second Favorite:  Cone Circuits (2 times):  Location (Top of the Parking Deck)

2 times through the circuit: 30 sec each station w/ 10 sec rest

  • Station #1: Burpees
  • Station#2: Bicycle Crunches 
  • Station #3: Push-Ups
  • Station #4: Skaters
  • Station #5: Plank
  • Station #6: Jump Lunges
  • Station #7: Tricep Dips
  • Station #8: Jumping Jacks

Next, we’ll move to my Third Favorite!  Now, grab your buckets and run down the stairwell….

Third Favorite: Parking Deck Pyramid (1 time):  Location (Bottom of the Parking Deck)

Leave your buckets at the base on the stairwell…..#heartbreaking

Let’s knock out one Pyramid!

Ground Level:  50 flutter kicks

1st Floor:  40 mountain climbers

2nd Floor:  30 squat jumps, uphill

Top:  20 Push-ups + Wall Sit (20 seconds)

Run back to the ground level using the stairwell, grab a pumpkin, then proceed to my Fourth Favorite!

Fourth Favorite:  Commando Circuits (2 times):  Location (Grassy Field, Myers Park Traditional)

Set your pumpkin down…..we’ll get back to it in a little bit!  First….a couple sets of Commando Circuits!

  • Pushups (15-20 reps)
  • 10 shoulder taps
  • 4 staggered pushups
  • 40 punches
  • 40 speed-bag punches
  • 4 raised leg pushups
  • 10 up and down planks

The sun will surely be up by this point so we’ll move to my FINAL Favorite!

Fifth Favorite:  Pumpkin Pilates Circuits (2 times):  Location (Grassy Field, Myers Park Traditional)

Now, grab those pumpkins that have been missing you so much!

Six stations….we’ll go through each one two times! 30 second rest in between sets.

  • Pumpkin Squats
  • Pumpkin Curls to Overhead Press
  • Reverse Lunges with Pumpkin Rotation
  • Lateral Jumps over Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin Jacks
  • V-sit to Pumpkin Press Up

That’s it!  From here, we’ll jog back to MPPC for cool-down and devotional.

Exercise Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart