JAN 27, 2016 WAWA: Charlotte Ninja Warrior???

We’ll not exactly….the popular reality show, American Ninja Warrior, is NOT coming to Charlotte.  However, I am going to introduce a competitive, safe, and challenging “indoor obstacle course” for this week’s Wednesday AM Workout & Accountability (WAWA).  The course will consist of 9 obstacles around the basketball court and three laps running on the upper track.  We’ll practice each of the 9 obstacles as part of the initial 30 minutes of WAWA.  Then each participant will negotiate the course, start-to-finish, for time!

My goal is to crown a male and female overall winner this week!  Might even include a few prizes for the winners.

MEETING TIME:  5:30 am at The Cornwell Center.  Meet in the downstairs basketball court.


-Light warm up

-3 laps around the basketball court

-30 minutes explanation and practice on each obstacle as well as overall course preview.

-20 minutes of competition.  Participants will line up individually according to numbers drawn; number 1 goes first, then number 2, etc.  Staggered start times; 45 seconds between each participant.

Here’s a rundown of the obstacles and the 3 laps on the track.  For the competition portion, participants will execute the obstacles in order from 1 to 9, then run upstairs to the track.

Obstacle 1:  Low Crawl beneath 3 benches approximately 20 yards.

Obstacle 2:  Balancing walk across 5 benches zig-zagged and connected.  Jump off the end of the last bench onto a thick mat and execute a forward “tumble” roll.

Obstacle 3:  Three free-throws.  Your “bank” will consist of 15 pushups when you approach the free throw line.  Make the first shot, subtract 5 pushups; make the second, subtract 5 more, etc.  After your third shot, complete any pushups you have remaining in your “bank”.  Make all three shots, and your balance is zero pushups!

Obstacle 4:  Bleachers run.  3 risers, two sets of bleachers.  4 climbs and 4 descents as your travel across the two sets of bleachers.

Obstacle 5:  BOSU bridge.  One of my favorite core exercises!  10 BOSU balls lined up “end-to-end”.  Participants will walk across the bridge while holding an exercise bar.  Left foot steps forward, participants swings the bar horizontally across from the right-side; next, the right foot steps forward, and participant swings the bar forward from the left-side.  This one will make more sense when you see it!  Oh, and if you fall off the BOSU bridge, you have to go back to the beginning of the bridge.

Obstacle 6:  Sand bag bicep curls.  Just like it sounds.  10 curls.

Obstacle 7:  Burpees.  Our favorites!  10 burpees.

Obstacle 8:  Rope climb.  We’ll practice this one in advance.  Short climb approximately 12 feet up.  Slap the wall then descend the rope.  I’ll show you a trick where you’re actually using your feet and NOT your upper-body to climb the rope!

Obstacle 9:  Jackknife crunches.  My “little ball – big ball” abdominal workout.  20 crunches.

After Obstacle 9, participants will run out the door to the basketball court, down the hall and up the stairwell.  Exit the stairwell on the main level and enter the track.  Participants will run three laps as follows on the track:

Lap 1:  Grab 10 lb medicine ball and run 1 lap around the track.

Lap 2:  Drop the medicine ball and grab the large exercise ball.  Run 1 lap around the track.

Lap 3:  Drop the exercise ball and run empty handed for the final lap.

Cross the finish line and receive your time!

Who’s ready??!!