MAY 18, 2016 WAWA: Boot Camp meets NASCAR…..sort of…!

I can’t wait until this coming Saturday night when my family and I will attend our first NASCAR race, the Sprint Cup All-Star race!  You know….NASCAR…..which stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing…..better known as driving for 180 MPH+ for a few hours around an oval track, making nothing but left turns!  And thanks to a great friend here in Charlotte who works for NASCAR, my family will get to take in the full experience!

So in honor of that excitement, I am doing a little bit of a NASCAR theme for this week’s WAWA.  We’re focused on circuits this Wednesday, in a non-running (much) workout.  For this week, we’ll rename our “circuits” as “races”.  See details on the two races below.

Race Venue:  The Cornwell Center

Race Time:  5:40 am

Track location:  Downstairs basketball court

“Qualifying Race” (aka “Warm-up”):

Your qualifying for our two races begins with light stretching, exercises to get the oxygen flowing, and 5 easy laps around the basketball court.

Race #1

Our initial race will consist of 5 stations.  4 stations are set up at the corners of the basketball court; the 5th station is in the center of the court.  One participant will start at the center station called the “race pit”.  The remaining individuals will each start at one of the other stations.  The participant in the pit will take the four “tires” off the barbells, then run upstairs making two laps around the indoor track, then come back downstairs, returning to the pit to put the four “tires” back on the barbells.  While this is happening, all the other participants will execute the exercises at their respective stations.  Once our initial participant returns to the pit and puts the tires back on, everyone will rotate to the next station.  The second participant in the pit will repeat with the first person completed in the same sequence.

The other four stations are:

  • Release Push Ups
  • Kettle bells
  • Jump Rope
  • BOSU / Dumbbells

Everyone will complete two rounds of this race.

Race #2:

Short breather before we start Race #2.

For the second race, we’ll keep the four stations in the corners.  There is no fifth station for Race #2.

Each station will be identified by the name of a current NASCAR driver with his/her car number.

Participants will execute the exercises at a station for 2 minutes then rotate clock-wise to the next station.  Four stations = 8 minutes per cycle.  We’ll complete 2 cycles for this race.

Jimmie Johnson #48 (Station 1):  1 set of Staggered Push-ups then run to a cone 10 meters away and back.  Then do 2 sets of Staggered Push-ups, run to the cone and back.  3 Staggered Push-ups, etc.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 (Station 2):  Medicine Ball (MB) squats x 10, then Body Weight (BW) walking lunges to cone 10 meters away and back.  Repeat again….and again.

Danica Patrick #10 (Station 3):  Speed Skaters x 10 then Mountain Climbers x 20.  Run around cone 10 meters away and back.  Repeat again…and again.

Joey Logano #22 (Station 4):  Wall Balls x 10 will medium Medicine Ball.  Bear Crawl up to cone 10 meters away and back.  Rinse and Repeat!

Final Lap (Cool Down) leader:  Mike Lenhart

Checked Flag Celebration (Devotional) leader:  Mike Lenhart