MAY 25, 2016 WAWA: Let Me Be Your Guide!

Several of you have asked “When are we going to do another obstacle course…?”  Well….the answer is “this week”!

One of my principles is to never repeat a WAWA identically….instead, I will add some variances to a previous workout.  That’s the case this week!

I’ll change out a few of the obstacles that you’ll see in the morning.  YES….I’ll still have the rope climb!  Each participant will negotiate the course 3 times.

For the first round, participants will go through the course at 3/4 speed, taking some additional time to understand the obstacles.  Individuals will be timed, however, as you’ll need your time for the second and third rounds.

For the second round, I will group participants in teams of two.  The team will add their two individual times from round one and determine the average by dividing by two.  The average time becomes that team’s goal time for rounds two and three.  In round two, one participant will be blind-folded and the partner will be responsible for helping the blind-folded teammate get through the obstacles safely and successfully.

And for the final round, the teams will swap out who wears the blind-fold and who serves as the guide, keeping in mind the same goal time from round two.

I have been fortunate to work with many disabled individuals to accomplish their fitness goals, including individuals with visual impairments.  You’ll learn a lot about yourself and about what it takes to help others in this week’s WAWA!

I’ll see you in the morning at The Cornwell Center!

Be ready to go at 5:40 am!