JUN 1, 2016 WAWA: Running Late to My Next Appointment!

If you remember an earlier workout called “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” then you’ll recognize some similarities to that one and this week’s WAWA.

This week’s WAWA is still mostly non-running focused.  I’ll set up 12 stations “around the clock”, with each hour designated as a different exercise.  Each designated “hour” will have one participant, ensuring we have all the stations covered.  The Noon position is the designated “Runner”.  At that station, the participant will run up the stairs, one lap around the indoor track, down the stairs, and back to the Noon position.  Once that happens, everyone will rotate to the next clock position.

There is one catch, however.  I will set the Runner’s time interval for how long it should take to complete the Noon station.  For every second the Runner is “late” will be equal to one additional rep EVERYONE has to do at their respective stations before anyone can rotate!  And if the runner gets done ahead of the interval….well, you just rotate to the next station as planned!

One set is equal to one ration through all 12 hours.

Our WAWA goal is to complete 3 sets.  In-between sets we’ll do relay races between the basketball end lines for approximately 5 minutes each.

WORKOUT LOCATION:  The Cornwell Center

WORKOUT TIME:  5:40 am start


-Ballistic stretching

-3 laps around the upper track


Equipment:  BOSU ball, medium dumbbells (2), battle ropes, kettlebells, medium medicine ball, heavy medicine ball, jump rope and weighted plates.

3 sets (12 stations each) around the clock

2 relay races (5 minutes each) in-between clock sets

Clock Stations:

1 o’clock:  Kettlebells

2 o’clock:  Overhead press with medium dumbbells

3 o’clock:  BOSU ball, bicep curls

4 o’clock:  Staggered arm pushups

5 o’clock:  Battle ropes

6 o’clock:  Jump Rope

7 o’clock:  Plank

8 o’clock:  Regular pushups

9 o’clock:  Overhead plate presses

10 o’clock:  Overhead circles with medium medicine ball

11 o’clock:  Wall balls with heavy medicine ball

12 o’clock:  Runner