JUN 22, 2016 WAWA: 6 o’clock Wake-Up Call!

This week’s WAWA is mostly non-running focused and I’ve slightly modified the workout from one we did back in January.  I’ll set up 12 stations “around the clock”, with each hour designated as a different exercise.  Each designated “hour” will have one participant, ensuring we have all the stations covered.  The 6 o’clock position with have 45 reps of a specific battle ropes exercise.  (I will designate the battle ropes exercise in advance.)

Participants will rotate stations clockwise to the next “hour” once the individual at the 6 o’clock position completes the battle rope portion and yells “rotate”.

One set is equal to one ration through all 12 hours.

Our WAWA goal is to complete 3 sets.  In-between sets we’ll do relay races between the basketball end lines for approximately 5 minutes each.

WORKOUT LOCATION:  The Cornwell Center

WORKOUT TIME:  6:00 am start


-Ballistic stretching

-3 laps around the upper track


Equipment:  BOSU ball, medium dumbbells (2), battle ropes, large exercise ball, small exercise ball, medium medicine ball, small medicine ball, and “surprise” equipment for relays.

3 sets (12 stations each) around the clock

2 relay races (5 minutes each) in-between clock sets

Clock Stations:

1 o’clock:  Jump Up, Squat, Jump Down

2 o’clock:  Overhead press with medium dumbbells

3 o’clock:  Wall Balls

4 o’clock:  Staggered arm pushups

5 o’clock:  Jump Rope

6 o’clock:  45 reps on the battle ropes

7 o’clock:  Plank

8 o’clock:  Regular pushups

9 o’clock:  Plate Presses

10 o’clock:  Bench Dips

11 o’clock:  Figure-eight extension with small medicine ball

12 o’clock:  Standing squats with medium dumbbells