JULY 27, 2016 WAWA: Sand Bucket Challenge!

No, we’re not going to take buckets of sand and dump them over our heads!  Just laying that out there from the start!

For tomorrow’s WAWA, we’ll divide into teams of two people each.  Teams will navigate a course that includes 10 stations, each with a challenging exercise and number of reps.  Adding to the complexity, teams will each have one bucket of sand, weighing approximately 20 pounds that must “travel” to each station.  The sand bucket can be placed down on the ground while the team executes the specific station and is then picked up to travel to the next station.  Don’t forget your sand bucket in between stations!

We’ll execute the course a total of three times:

First Time:  Practice each station at a moderate pace.  Coach Mike will demonstrate the specific station then participants will practice.  “Rinse and repeat” to practice on each station.

Second Time:  Teams run through the course at “race pace”.  1 minutes in-between team starts.

Third Time:  Teams run through the course a second time at “race pace”.  Some of the stations will be modified.  Teams may be modified as well!

List of Stations:

Station 1:  Rope Climb.  15′ rope.  3 attempts to climb the rope and slap the wall.  Unsuccessful participants after three tries will do 10 pushups at the base of the rope.

Station 2:  Balance Walk

Station 3:  BOSU pushups (10 pushups each)

Station 4:  Medicine ball throws and squats (10 squats each)

Station 5:  Get Ups (10 each)

Station 6:  Kettle Bell swings (10 each)

Station 7:  Basketball pushups (10 each)

Station 8:  Plate presses (10 each)

Station 9:  Wall balls (10 each)

Station 10:  Rope Sprints (2 laps each)

NOTE 1:  For third time on course, the following changes will be made to the course:

Station 1:  Clock Pushups (3 rotations each)

Station 5:  Flutter Kicks (50 each)

Station 6:  Battle Ropes (10 double slaps each)

Station 10:  Exercise ball sprints (2 laps each)

NOTE 2:  We will incorporate relay races in-between second and third efforts on the course.

Workout Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart

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JULY 20, 2016 WAWA: High School Stairs Repeats!

I was scrolling through some past workouts and came across one where we ran the stairs at Myers Park high school.  Since our focus this week is back on running, I’m bringing back a stairs workout that we did just over a year ago.

We’ll meet in front of the Cornwell Center, ready to stretch at 6 am.  Our run route will be at a comfortable pace and will take us behind the Cornwell Center along Roswell Avenue, left onto Colony Road, and then up the hill into the high school parking lot near the football stadium.  The run route is approximately 1.6 miles (see map below).

From there, we’ll do 6 sets of stairs as follows:

SET 1:  2 sets of stairs and one lap around the small parking lot

SET 2:  2 sets of stairs and one lap around the small parking lot

SET 3:  1 set of stairs and two laps around the small parking lot

SET 4:  1 set of stairs and two laps around the small parking lot

SET 5:  3 sets of stairs and one lap around the small parking lot

SET 6:  4 sets of stairs then comfortable pace back to the Cornwell Center

The small parking lot is approximately 1/8th of a mile distance.  Total WAWA running distance planned minus the stairs is about 4.1 miles

Weather forecast for 6 am tomorrow is a “cool” 70 degrees!

See you in the morning!



WAWA JUL20_2016 run route

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JULY 13, 2016 WAWA: What’s Your Number?

This week’s WAWA will be indoors and non-running focused!  That’s the GOOD news….and actually there isn’t any bad news…!

In the days of cell phones, it’s hard to find a telephone key pad anymore.  I had to look at the phone on my office desk at work today just to plan for this week’s workout!  I’m calling this one “What’s your number?”.  I’ll have a blown-up telephone keypad on the floor of that basketball court.  Depending on the workout set, you’ll have to go to the keypad to figure out your sequence of exercises.  For example, if the first set is the phone number (704) 555-1212, then you’ll piece together the prescribed exercises based on what’s noted on the keypad.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense now.  It will be very clear in the morning!

See you at 6 am at The Cornwell Center ready to go!

The Warm Up:

-Ballistic stretching

-5 laps around basketball court

The Workout:

Set 1:  Cell Phone Number

Set 2:  Zip Code

Set 3:  TBD

Set 4:  TBD

Set 5:  TBD

Here’s the exercise telephone keypad:

wawa keypad

The Cool Down and Devotion:

Exercise Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart

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JULY 6, 2016 WAWA: Runnin’ Repeats

Admittedly, I do not particularly like running.  But I do like running with a group.  It’s been a long while since we’ve done a pure, running-focused workout….so that is this week’s WAWA.

But here’s some good news:  Temps will be in the lower 70’s this Wednesday so it will be GREAT for our workout.  And this run workout is broken up into little chunks of small distances.  Rest in-between the chunks!

You’ll love it!

Meet outside in front of The Cornwell Center, ready to go at 6 am!

The Workout:


Stretching and exercises to wake-up the body and especially the legs!

Starting the Workout (approximately 1.2 miles):

Moderate jog from parking lot along the following route:

  • Cross Selwyn Avenue onto Wellesley Avenue
  • Right onto Queens Road West
  • Continue up Queens Road West approximately another 1/4 mile to the intersection of Hopedale & Queens Road West.  This is our starting point for hill repeats.

Workout on the Hills (approximately 1.5 – 2.5 miles depending on ability group):

  • “Brisk” run from the start point to the top near the intersection of QRW and Queens; approximately 0.25 miles
  • Easy jog back to the bottom of the hill to the start, intersection of QRW and Hopedale Avenue; approximately 0.25 miles
  • Rest for 1 minute
  • Repeat 4 more times for the seasoned runners; 2 more time for novice runners

Finishing the Workout (approximately 1.0 mile):

  • Easy jog from our starting point up Hopedale Avenue
  • Right onto Queens Road
  • Follow Queens Road until it becomes Selwyn Avenue.
  • Turn left into parking lot for The Cornwell Center

Total Running Distance planned:  

-Seasoned Runners: approximately 4.70 miles

-Novice Runners:  approximately 3.70 miles

Exercise Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart

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