JULY 27, 2016 WAWA: Sand Bucket Challenge!

No, we’re not going to take buckets of sand and dump them over our heads!  Just laying that out there from the start!

For tomorrow’s WAWA, we’ll divide into teams of two people each.  Teams will navigate a course that includes 10 stations, each with a challenging exercise and number of reps.  Adding to the complexity, teams will each have one bucket of sand, weighing approximately 20 pounds that must “travel” to each station.  The sand bucket can be placed down on the ground while the team executes the specific station and is then picked up to travel to the next station.  Don’t forget your sand bucket in between stations!

We’ll execute the course a total of three times:

First Time:  Practice each station at a moderate pace.  Coach Mike will demonstrate the specific station then participants will practice.  “Rinse and repeat” to practice on each station.

Second Time:  Teams run through the course at “race pace”.  1 minutes in-between team starts.

Third Time:  Teams run through the course a second time at “race pace”.  Some of the stations will be modified.  Teams may be modified as well!

List of Stations:

Station 1:  Rope Climb.  15′ rope.  3 attempts to climb the rope and slap the wall.  Unsuccessful participants after three tries will do 10 pushups at the base of the rope.

Station 2:  Balance Walk

Station 3:  BOSU pushups (10 pushups each)

Station 4:  Medicine ball throws and squats (10 squats each)

Station 5:  Get Ups (10 each)

Station 6:  Kettle Bell swings (10 each)

Station 7:  Basketball pushups (10 each)

Station 8:  Plate presses (10 each)

Station 9:  Wall balls (10 each)

Station 10:  Rope Sprints (2 laps each)

NOTE 1:  For third time on course, the following changes will be made to the course:

Station 1:  Clock Pushups (3 rotations each)

Station 5:  Flutter Kicks (50 each)

Station 6:  Battle Ropes (10 double slaps each)

Station 10:  Exercise ball sprints (2 laps each)

NOTE 2:  We will incorporate relay races in-between second and third efforts on the course.

Workout Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart