AUG 17, 2016 WAWA: A Baptist, a Presbyterian, and a Methodist Go Out for a Run

It’s been a while, but as promised this week’s workout is 100% run focused, with a slight “splash” of strength conditioning.  Meet outside The Cornwell Center, ready to warm-up at 6 am.

Here’s the workout:

The Warm Up:

-Ballistic stretching

The Workout:

Starting at The Cornwell Center (CC), participants will run down Selwyn Avenue towards Myers Park Baptist Church (MPBC), turning around at the intersection of Queens & Selwyn.

Once participants return to The Cornwell Center, they’ll immediately head back towards MPBC, go past the Baptist church and continue towards Myers Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC).  At the intersection of Queens & Oxford, runners will turn around and head back to The Cornwell Center.

Finally, runners will again turn around in front of The Cornwell Center and head back up Selwyn/Queens, this time running towards/past Myers Park Methodist Church (MPMC).  At the intersection of Queens & Providence, runners will complete the last loop heading back to The Cornwell Center.

Total distance on the three church loops is 2.5 miles.  We’ll repeat this three times!  Each effort is equal to “a set”.  In between sets, we’ll do the strength conditioning exercises shown below.

Runners will “shorten” the final loop to just MPBC and MPPC which is 1.2 miles, making that total run workout 6.2 miles (10 km).

First church loop (2.5 miles); second church loop (2.5 miles); third church loop (1.2 miles).

Distance diagram:

CC < —— > MPBC (0.15 miles)

CC < —– >  MPPC (0.45 miles)

CC < —– >  MPMC (0.65 miles)

Strength Conditioning after Running Sets:

After Set 1:  Pushups (Regular PUs 1×10, Wide-Arm PUs 1×10, and Close-Arm PUs 1×5)

After Set 2:  Band Shoulder Presses (1 x 20, 2 sets)

After Set 3:  Band Upright Rows (1 x 15, 2 sets)

The Cool Down:

-Static Stretching

Workout Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart