AUG 24, 2016 WAWA: There’s No “I” in Team!

A few weeks back, we did an interesting & challenging “team” based WAWA that had a series of exercises as part of a “set”  Teams had to complete a specific number of reps at each exercise station, complete the entire set, then mark a “has” on the whiteboard.  Rinse and repeat for a certain time frame.

Remember that one?

Each person will have a set of 5 exercises that must be completed in any order.  Once completed, the person will run over to the whiteboard, mark a hash beneath his or her name, then return for another round of the 5 exercises.

Rinse and Repeat, completing as many sets as possible in a given round.

Round 1 will be 15 minutes.  The individual with the most dashes at the end of Round 1 is the winner!

Round 2 will be 5 new exercises with the same interval of 15 minutes.

Round 3 will be 5 new exercises with the shorter interval of just 10 minutes.

WAWA Location:  The Cornwell Center, basketball court

Start Time:  6:00 am

End Time:  7:00 am

The Warm Up:

-Ballistic stretches

-3 laps round the basketball court

The Work Out:

ROUND 1 Exercises (15 minutes):

-Push Ups (x 15)

-Wall Balls (x 20)

-Stairs (x 3)

-Battle Ropes double-slaps (x 20)

-Step Ups x 20 (10 each side)

ROUND 2 Exercises (15 minutes):

-Jump Rope (x 100)

-Stairs (x 3)

-Battle Ropes, kneeling, single arms  x 20 (10 each side)

-Dumb bell lunges (x 20)

-Overhead Plate Presses (x 10)

ROUND 3 Exercises (10 minutes):

-Box Jump to Push Up (x 10)

-Stairs (x 2) with medicine ball

-Battle Ropes, wiggle-worms  (x 20)

-Get Ups (x 10)

-Dead Lifts (x 10)

Cool Down and Devotional:

Exercise Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart