SEP 14, 2016 WAWA: Finding the Yellow Brick Road

Back on a pure, run-focused WAWA this week!  I’ll have two routes set up with different distances:  One route is just under 4.5 miles; the other route will be approximately 3.5 miles.  Participants will choose one route or the other, form a team, and complete the run route.  To make things fun, however, each route will have several checkpoints along the way, with each checkpoint having a card.  “Teams” will collect up each card and bring them along to the end point of the route.  The cards will be clues that the teams will put together to decipher a hidden message.  Oh, and the cards will be secured to a yellow brick at each checkpoint!

You do NOT have to pick up the bricks and bring them along….although I did consider that!

Teams must stick together and complete the run as a TEAM!

Fun, right?

Well if that’s not fun enough, each card will ALSO have a required exercise and reps that must be performed before the team heads to the next checkpoint.  Directions to the next checkpoints are outlined on each card.  Teams will not know the entire route in advance.

Start and end points for each route will be in front of The Cornwell Center.  I’ll give the two teams directions to their first checkpoints when we get ready to go.

See you at 5:40 am on Wednesday morning.  Light stretching then we’ll be “off and running”, literally.

Exercise Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart