OCT 12, 2016 WAWA: Leg Burner Run

This week’s workout is focused on purely running!  And since it’s still fairly dark in the morning’s, we’re going to stick to the primary roads and well-lite sidewalks.  The total running distance is “just” 3 miles.  However, to make things a little more challenging, I’m including some stairs and some exercises designed to let you “feel the burn”!

Meet outside The Cornwell Center ready to stretch at 5:40 am.  We’ll launch shortly thereafter.

The WAWA has three parts:

Part 1:  “Run to Burn” (1.5 miles)

We’ll run as a group from our start location down to Freedom Park, taking Wellesley to Sterling to Princeton to the Greenway, and finishing up near the northeast corner of the pond.  We’ll regroup at the base of the steps leading up to Mahlon Adams Pavillion.

Part 2:  “Burn” (15 sets of stairs)

For the “burn” portion of the WAWA, we’ll do three sets as follows:

-Set 1:  Run up the stairs.  Do 10 standing squats at the top.  Run back down.  (Repeat 4 more times.)

-Set 2:  Run up the stairs.  Do 10 walking lunges at the top.  Run back down.  (Repeat 4 more times.)

-Set 3:  Run up the stairs.  Do 10 single-leg dead-lift to reverse lunges (5 each side).  Run back down.  (Repeat 4 more times.)

Part 3:  “Burn to Run” (1.5 miles)

Slightly different route running back.  We’ll go around the pond to the park exit onto Princeton.  Take Princeton all the way across Queens Road West.  Turn left onto QRW, then right onto Wellesley.  Follow Wellesley back to The Cornwell Center.

Cool down then devotional.

Workout Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart