NOV 16, 2016 Devotional: Being Thankful

I know….we’re still a week away from Thanksgiving.  However, being temporarily side-lined today with bronchitis, has given me time to give “thanks”.  Crazy, right?  Who gives thanks while being miserable?

WAWA started over a year ago and came out of a coffee conversation I was having with my pastor, Derek Mcleod.  We were discussing another way to conduct subtle outreach in a non-threatening way.  I suggested a boot camp style, fitness regimen, that was co-ed and open to all ability levels.

“What will you call it”, Derek asked.

“Let me get back to you on that….”, I said.  Thirty minutes later….I sent him a text….”Wednesday AM Workout & Accountability…..WAWA”.

So today I am reflective in thought and thankful for those who have or continue to participate in our weekly Wednesday workouts.

Here’s who and what I’m thankful for….

I’m thankful for Molly Phillips and Leslie Shull, two of the most dedicated attendees.  Though they aren’t there every day, I am thankful they are consistent.

I’m thankful when Mary Cannady shows up, especially on run-focused days.  She’s arguably the fastest runner in our group, and I always know to bring my A-game when she’s there to run.

I’m thankful for the days we have a dozen people showing up.  I’m thankful for the days when it’s just me and one other person… the day Donny Harrison and I ran hill-repeats up Queens Road and our conversation took a nice turn about “family”.

I’m thankful that on the morning after receiving some surprising election results, Zoe Brennan and Braden Hamilton ran with me.  Although each had voted for a different candidate, each expressed tremendous optimism in our country.

I’m thankful that Courtney Pender will try just about anything…so long as it’s not a long run!

I’m thankful when Court and Derek show up.

And for Burt Phillips and Blanton Hamilton, I’m thankful they’re “ageless” and inspire me to keep running!

I’m thankful for buckets, backpacks, sand, stairs, colored cones and medicine balls.  I’m thankful for climbing ropes and battle ropes…and even ropes we carry on runs with us.

I’m thankful for kettle bells, dumb bells, and all the different ideas to exercise with them.

I’m thankful for that sign at the Myers Park High School football stadium we saw one day while catching our breath from running stairs that read:  “Tailgating….the only sport where a bald, fat guy is a god!”  #lightenthemood

I’m thankful for the Cornwell Center.

I’m thankful for my feet when they hit the floor at 4:50 am on Wednesday mornings.

I’m thankful that God gives me this platform to do something I love, talk about some things important, and build up our community.

I’m thankful that the grass is not always greener somewhere else.  I’m thankful it’s all green.