Hill Repeats…..How Can This Be???


The last time we did a hill repeats workout….it was the morning after the presidential election.  How can that be???This workout is long overdue!  No rain on the forecast for tomorrow morning, but there will be a slight chill (42 degrees) in the air.  Perfect for running!

And here’s a bonus….I believe the famous, Hillside Lights, are already up on that street!  Nothing takes my mind off running hills like looking at beautiful Christmas balls!

Let’s do this!

Meet outside the Cornwell Center, ready to go at 5:40 am!

Here’s the planned route:

Initial route:

  • Cornwell Center (start)
  • Right down Selwyn Avenue
  • Left onto Radcliff
  • Left up Queens Road West
  • Right onto Princeton
  • Left onto Jameston
  • Right onto Westfield, then briefly pick up the Greenway
  • Left up Hillside and stop at the intersection of Hillside & Chelsea

At this point, we will have run approximately 2 miles.

Hill Repeats portion (approximately 1/8 mile up and 1/8 mile down)

  • Run uphill from Hillside/Chelsea to Hillside/Croydon intersection
  • Easy jog back downhill to Chelsea.
  • Repeat 3 – 5 more times.
  • On final hill climb, continue to the top of the street to Selwyn and wait until the whole group finishes.

Final stretch of run is left down Selwyn, returning to our start point at the Cornwell Center.  Final stretch is approximately 1 mile.

Total distance planned (depending on how many “repeats” you do):  4.0 – 4.5 miles

Workout Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotional Leader:  Mike Lenhart