DEC 14. 2016 WAWA: Final Burn of the Year!

Our final workout of the year is focused on purely running with some degree of stair climbing so bring your legs AND your lungs!  It’s still fairly dark in the morning’s, so we’re going to stick close to the Cornwell Center “neighborhood”.  The total running distance is “just” 3 miles plus the stairs.  I promise this workout will make you “feel the burn”!

Meet outside The Cornwell Center ready to stretch at 5:40 am.  We’ll launch shortly thereafter.

Weather will be clear, and a cool 42 degrees F at the start.  Dress accordingly.

The WAWA has three parts:

Part 1:  “Run to Burn” (1.5 miles)

We’ll run as a group from our start location in front of the Cornwell Center, doing a lolly-pop route of approximately 1.5 miles.  Route will be right out of the parking lot, right onto Queens Road (just past the baptist church), right onto Roswell, right onto Wellseley, cross over Selwyn, then right into the access road that leads to the Queens University parking deck.

Part 2:  “Burn” (15 sets of stairs)

For the “burn” portion of the WAWA, we’ll do three sets as follows:

-Set 1:  Run up the parking deck stairwell.  Do 10 standing squats at the top.  Run back down the zig-zag levels of the parking deck (not the stairwell).  (Repeat 4 more times.)

-Set 2:  Run up the stairwell.  Do 10 walking lunges at the top.  Run back down the zig-zag again.  (Repeat 4 more times.)

-Set 3:  Run up the stairwell.  Do 10 single-leg dead-lift to reverse lunges (5 each side).  Down the zig-zag again, of course!  (Repeat 4 more times.)

Part 3:  “Burn to Run” (1.5 miles)

Same route running back, only a reverse “lolly-pop”; Wellesley, then left onto Roswell, left onto Queens, then left back towards the Cornwell Center.

We’ll start and finish this WAWA as a group….!

Cool down then devotional.

Workout Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart