APR 5, 2017 WAWA: Booty Loop….and then some!

Great run workout planned this week!  Fairly simple, but potentially our longest run this year!

It’s Palm Sunday week…and while we don’t have any palm trees close by, we do have some great oak trees along Queens Road West….the next best thing!

We’ll run one lap on the Booty Loop.  Then, for the adventurous ones, we’ll run a shortened “bonus” loop, adding just a little over another mile to that first part on the Booty Loop.

Here’s the specifics:

Booty Loop (3.1 miles approx.):

-Exit Cornwell Center parking lot, turning left down Selwyn Avenue.

-Follow Selwyn, then right onto Queens Road West.

-Follow Queens Road West (Booty Loop route) all the way around until coming up on Hopedale Avenue.  Turn right onto Hopedale.

-Right off Hopedale at the top of the hill onto Queens Road, then Selwyn Avenue, taking you back to the Cornwell Center.

“Bonus” Loop (1.3 miles approx.):

-Turn right off Selwyn Avenue onto Wellesley Avenue.

-Right turn onto Queens Road West.

-Follow QRW around, then right up the hill along Sherwood Avenue.

-Right at the top of the hill back onto Selwyn Avenue…..heading home to the Cornwell Center!

Total distance planned:  4.4 miles (both loops) or 3.1 miles (just first loop)

Weather forecast:  Clear, dry and 56 degrees F.

Sunrise is at 7:09 am, so please wear reflective gear and/or headlamps!

Workout Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotional Leader:  Mike Lenhart