APR 12, 2017 WAWA: The Return of Twin Peaks!

Bringing back one of the group’s favorite WAWAs from earlier this year…..running up and down BOTH stairwells at Queens, with exercises in-between!

Running AND strength focused!  Shorter distance running from the last couple of weeks….which might be a bonus/incentive to some!

Here’s the general framework.  We’ll meet outside the Cornwell Center at 5:40 am, ready for a quick stretch.  Then we’ll run across the street to the Queens University of Charlotte “taller and newer” parking deck.

We’re planning a total of 8 sets.  Each set will take us UP the newer stairwell, then directly back DOWN.  Exit the stairwell and run to the “medium-sized” and older stairwell, and run UP that stairwell.  Exit the stairwell at the top to the parking deck.

At that point, since it’s SET 1, we’ll complete 8 exercises as shown in the table below, 10 reps each.  Finally, we’ll run down the parking deck ramps, exit the deck and gather at the base of stairwell #1 for the next set.

Each set will drop the number of exercises by 1, but the number of reps might increase.  For example, SET 2 has 7 exercises, SET 3 has 6 exercises, …. SET 8 has just 1 exercise.

For the accountants and bankers in our group, each set has fixed exercises (stairwell #1, stairwell #2, and running down parking deck) and variable exercises as explained above!

One more bonus….witness a peaceful moon setting and the beginning of a sunrise from the rooftop overlooking the Queens University campus!

See you at 5:40 am!