MAY 10, 2017 WAWA: “The Mother of All Workouts!”

Hey, it’s Mothers Day week and while the title of this WAWA might seem daunting….it’s totally do-able!

Two parts of this WAWA.

After our warm up, I’ll break apart our WAWA into two 20-minutes segments.  The first segment is a running focused workout; the second segment is a conditioning and interval focused workout.  Truth be told, the second segment is slightly less than 20-minutes.  See the details below.

Meeting location is at the Cornwell Center.  We’ll meet outside the center.  Be ready to go at 5:40 am!

The Workout:

Segment 1:  “Run Focused”

After the warmup, participants will go outside the Cornwell Center for a “run at your own pace” workout.  Here’s the catch:  You will need to pay attention to your pace, time and distance.

Everyone will take off running at a moderate pace along Roswell Road, behind the Cornwell Center, heading west towards Queens Road West.  Run for 1 minute, then turn around and backtrack towards the Cornwell Center for a minute again.  The goal is to finish exactly back at the Cornwell Center at the same pace.

Next, turn around and head back down Roswell Road.  This time your “interval” is 2 minutes out and 2 minutes back.

Third interval is 3 minutes out and 3 minutes back.

Last interval is 4 minutes out and 4 minutes back.

Remember, the goal is to “hit” your turnaround points at the Cornwell Center on the designated minute interval.

After the run workout, we’ll gather to the side of the Cornwell Center for the second half of the WAWA.

Segment 2:  “Conditioning / Interval Focused”

Here’s the basics for this “benchwarmer intervals” workout.  Seven stations with two exercises at each station.  The first exercise at each station will be a prescribed number of reps.  The second exercise will go until the end of the interval.  Each station’s interval is 2-minutes.  So, if you complete the reps of exercise 1 in 30 seconds then you have 90 seconds to complete exercise 2.  30 seconds rest in-between stations.

The second half of the WAWA will be outside, as well.  We’ll use the brick walls to the left of the Cornwell Center as we’re coming from Roswell Road.

Here’s the breakdown of stations:

Station 1:  Exercise 1 (Step Ups x 25 per leg); Exercise 2 (Bench Dips)

Station 2:  Exercise 1 (Jump lunges x 15 per leg); Exercise 2 (Flutter Kicks)

Stations 3:  Exercise 1 (Bulgarian Split Squats, 15 per leg); Exercise 2 (Hand Release Push Ups)

Station 4:  Exercise 1 (Step Up Squat Step Up x 15); Exercise 2 (Clocks with pushups)

Station 5:  Exercise 1 (Elevated Crunches x 30); Exercise 2 (One-legged Deadlift to Reverse Lunge)

Station 6:  Exercise 1 (Step Ups x 25 per leg); Exercise 2 (Scissor Kicks)

Station 7:  Exercise 1 (Downhill Pushups x 15); Exercise 2 (Walking Lunges)

We’re going to be outside for this WAWA…and it will be slightly warmer, clear, and dry!  Low-60’s in the morning.

I’m completely expecting several of our WAWA “moms” to show up tomorrow!

Cool Down and Devotion

Workout Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart