MAY 10, 2017 Devotional: “Here is Your Mother”

Just before summer was in full swing in 1985, I was a new high school graduate.  Like most of my graduating class, my three best friends and I planned a celebratory trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.  We loaded up one car to the gills and headed to the Poindexter Hotel smack in the middle of the action of “beach week”.  Heaven for a high school graduate, figuratively speaking, of course.

I had one dilemma, however.

I was to be honored at a luncheon by the Fayetteville Exchange Club as their “Young Man of the Year”, an award given to recent high school graduates based on a number of criteria including academics, athletics, and community service.  (See….my “path” really did start at a young age!)

Since we only wanted to have one car at the beach, my mom offered to come pick me up for the mid-week luncheon, herself driving to Myrtle Beach that morning, grabbing me, taking me back to Fayetteville for the event, then taking me back and finally driving back home when all was said and done.  All in ONE day, I might add!

But that was my mom.

And for many of you, that might be your mom too.

This week we honor “moms” with the annual celebration of Mothers Day.  Our hybrid workout this morning was affectionately called the “Mother of All Workouts”.  When you want something done, some might say, you call on a father.  But if you want something done right and with an impact, others say you call on a mother.

Think of all the descriptive things in our world that have been called “the mother of all……”.

….mother of all cars

….mother of all trains

….mother of all bombs

….mother of all wines

The list could go on and on.  My point is that putting a “mother” into any phrase typical means…”watch out….this one’s gonna make an impact”.  Some might argue to add, “watch out…this ones gonna leave a mark…or this ones gonna hurt”.

My mom used to always quote Bill Cosby saying, “I brought you into this world and I can take you out…!”

Deep down for me there is no other example of love than that shown between a mother and a child.  That’s been my observation hands-down for years from my mom….and certainly something I see every day from my wife, Janelle.

Jesus reminds us of this most importantly on His last day as “human” on earth.

Three things happened as He was dying on the cross.

First, Jesus looks to heaven and says “Father…forgive them….”.  He’s mindful of mankind.

Next, Jesus looks to one of the thieves dying next to him on the cross.  “Today, you will be with me in heaven.”  He is mindful of forgiveness and penance.

And finally, Jesus looks down at his best friend, the apostle John, who was standing next to Jesus’ mother, Mary, and imparts one of His final instructions:

“Here is your son….Here is your mother….”  John 19:26-27 NIV

While Jesus was in excruciating pain and dying….His final thoughts were of His …. mother.

His final concerns were for Mary….

Think about that for a little bit…..

Heavenly Father, always but especially today, we honor our mothers.  For their love; for their sacrifices; for their undying devotion.  Bless them and keep them….this Sunday at Mothers Day….and always.