MAY 24, 2017 WAWA: “Leaping Tall Buildings”

This week’s run-focused WAWA has us looking at hill repeats at a new location.

Total planned distance running is 5.0 miles.

Weather might be damp from the evening rain, but otherwise no new precipitation expected.

The elevation change on the hill repeats is approximately 50 feet….or the equivalent of 5 stories of a standard building!  We’ll do 4 sets of repeats…so you’ll be leaping up 20 stories!


Here’s the workout:

Warm-up outside the Cornwell Center starting at 5:40 am.

Run Portion, Part 1:

Easy jog around to Queens Road East, then Roswell Road, then Colony Road.  We’ll stop at the bottom of Colony were Briar Creek flows beneath the road.  This is the starting point for the hill repeats.  At this point, we will have run approximately 1.5 miles.

Hill Repeats:

-One quarter mile up; one quarter mile down.

-Run from the Briar Creek / Colony intersection up towards Myers Park High School.  Run all the way to the traffic circle near the school main office.  Then easy jog around the circle and back to the starting point.

-Repeat 3 more times!

-Total distance for repeats + recovery is 2.0 miles.

Run Portion, Part 2:

Return back to the Cornwell Center along the same route covered in Part 1.  Finish outside the Cornwell Center main entrance.  Part 2 of the run is again 1.5 miles, easy pace.

TOTAL Run Distance:  5.0 miles