JULY 12, 2017 WAWA: “Say hello to my friend, Ed”

Okay….actually, I’ve never met said “Ed”….but this week’s run route of just under 5 miles takes us past Myers Park / Dilworth landmark, Ed’s Tavern off Ideal Way.  I’ve never stepped in the place, but I drive past it all the time for my frequent trips to Lowe’s.

Three hills on the route:  First one is just before mile 2; second one is just before mile 3; and the final one takes us back to the Cornwell Center…..you’re welcome!

Hill 1:  Mile 0.8 to Mile 1.55 is 90 ft of climbing.

Hill 2:  Mile 2.0 to Mile 2.6 is 60 ft of climbing.

Hill 3:  Mile 3.5 to Finish is 70 ft of climbing.

See the attached map for the full planned run route.

Gather outside the Cornwell Center just before 6 am.  We’ll step off promptly at 6 am!

Distance is 4.69 miles.  Moderate pace.  We’ll break into two pace groups if necessary.

All are welcome!

See you in the morning!