AUG 16, 2017 WAWA: “Climbing New Heights”

This week’s WAWA run takes us back to a challenging Hill Repeats workout….but we’re trying out a new hill.  Actually, we ran this hill a few weeks back as part of an earlier run….but not “repeating”!  The hill is about a 1/4 mile climb.  We’re planning on four repeats, doing recovery three times back down hill.

Here’s the basics on the route:

Cornwell Center to base of Brandywine Road hill:  1.5 miles easy pace

Hill Repeats:  4 “ups” is 1.0 miles and 3 “downs” is another 3/4 miles.

Top of Brandywine Road back to the Cornwell Center:  1.25 miles easy pace

TOTAL planned distance:  4.5 miles

Details on the route at this link.

Gather outside the Cornwell Center ready to go at 6 am.  Temps will be in low to mid 70’s with no rain in the forecast.

See you then!

WORKOUT Leader:  Mike Lenhart

DEVOTIONAL Leader:  Mike Lenhart

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AUG 9, 2017 Devotional: “The Lasting Impact of Chester McCullough”

Spend any amount of time with Charlotte resident, Donny Harrison, and you might be fortunate to hear the story of Chester McCullough.  Donny played quarterback for the Ohio University Bobcats “back in the day” and Chester was a fellow teammate who played running back and defensive back.  During pre-season drills, Donny reminisces about having to run two independent 400 meter sprints around the track while the coaches watched, evaluated, and made notes.  The goal was to have your second 400 meter attempt faster than the first one.

Donny impressively completed the first sprint.  Now came the challenging part….the second attempt.  Making matters worse, Donny was running against the speedster, Chester McCullough, who Donny thought was also on his second sprint.

The two raced around the track, Donny having a slight edge but ever so mindful that Chester might sprint past him at any moment.

But much to Donny’s amazement, he came up on the end of his sprint, still strides ahead of Chester, who had faded somewhat.

“Okay, McCullough….pretty good effort,” came the comments from the coaches.  “Now let’s see what you can do on your second lap.”  Donny quickly realized that Chester was not his competition that day after all.

Now I’ve heard this story told many, many times by my good friend, Donny Harrison.  That event happened nearly 30 years ago, but to Donny, I can see in his eyes it’s as if it were just last week.

Admittedly, I Googled “Chester McCullough” from Ohio University to see what he’s been doing now.  His collegiate stats from playing football were readily available over the Internet, but nothing was too obvious to what he’s doing now.  I asked Donny one day and he wasn’t sure what ever happened to Chester either.

I find it fascinating, however, that the story of Chester McCullough still has an impact on Donny’s life.  We joke around often during our weekly WAWA events about “you’d better keep up….Chester is gaining on you….”.  It’s a point of much needed humor when some of us are gasping for air.

We all have a “Chester McCullough” from our past.  Some, have more than one.  It’s the person who made an impact, whether they realized it or not.

You’ve read before on these weekly devotionals where I talk about God leaving an Advocate for us here on Earth beyond the Resurrection story.  That Advocate is here to advise, watch over, and guide us in a number of ways.

Who is the Advocate in your life?  Maybe it’s someone like Chester McCullough?  Someone from your past who keeps you on your toes, keeps reminding you to push yourself to do your best.

My prayer this week is that we savor those moments where “Chester” appears in our lives.  Embrace those times, recall them often, and thank our Heavenly Father for that advocacy that comes from such individuals.

Now….go out an run a 400 meter dash this week….in honor of Chester McCullough!


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AUG 9, 2017 WAWA: “Chasing Chester Track Workout”

Have you heard Donny Harrison’s story about Chester McCullough?  It’s a great story that centers around a track workout!

So, in honor of Chester, we have a tough track workout planned! We’ll use the track at AG Middle School for the main portion of our workout.

Meet outside the Cornwell Center, ready to go at 6:00 am!

Here’s the workout:

-Easy jog from Cornwell Center to AG Middle School track.


Wellesley Avenue to Roswell Road
Roswell Road all the way to Colony Road
Colony Road past Myers Park High School
Turn right into gate for AG Middle School track just past Selwyn Elementary School
Distance = 1.75 miles

-Main Workout at the track:

Warm Up Set: 1 lap around track at moderate pace

“Chasing Chester” Set:  6 laps around track at 5k race pace
-Sprint the straight-aways; jog the curves
-Negative split each straight-away from the previous one
-Participants will sprint a total of 12 straight-aways

Cool Down Set:  1 lap around track at moderate pace
Distance = 2.0 miles

-Easy jog back to the Cornwell Center

Same route as before, only in reverse
Distance = 1.75 miles

TOTAL workout distance = 5.5 miles

WORKOUT leader: Mike Lenhart

DEVOTIONAL leader: Mike Lenhart

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AUG 2, 2017 Devotional: “Thank You, Tanzania!”

With 10 minutes left in this morning’s run, and my daughter running along side me, she turned to me and said, “Whatcha gonna talk about for the devotional?”

“I’m not really sure,” I replied, while catching my breath.  (It was that kind of run today for me!)

“Something will hit me before the end of the run,” I added.

Then, with just about 5 minutes left on the run, I found myself running next to Zoe Brennan.  And that’s where this devotional is heading….

When we got back to the Cornwell Center, I spoke to the group about “thankfulness“.  You see, Zoe’s husband, Tim, and oldest daughter, Murphy, had just completed a trip to Africa that was beyond memorable.  Together, along with about 20 other adults and teenagers representing the Young Life Christian group, they climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the tallest peaks in the southern hemisphere, reaching just over 19,000 feet (compared to Mount Everest at nearly 30,000 feet.)  Kilimanjaro makes up one of the world’s seven summits:

  • Mount Everest (Asia)
  • Aconcagua (South America)
  • Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa)
  • Mount Elbrus (Europe)
  • Mount Vinson (Antarctica)
  • Mount Kosciuszko (Australia)
  • Mount McKinley (North America)

Pausing for a moment, like me you probably recognize the accomplishment for both Tim and Murphy.  But peel back the onion a little bit and you’re discover much more.

Nearly a year ago, this climb might have been a dashed dream of Tim’s as he suffered a painful back injury from simply moving a trunk around at their home.  The ruptured discs in his back completely knocked Tim from any training regimen in preparation for this “bucket list” item with Murphy.  At one point, when it seemed like the recovery process was on track, Tim suffered an additional injury to his back.

More pain.

More setbacks.

More frustration.

But Tim kept at it.

Eventually, doctors cleared him to do some physical activity.  I was happy that on the limited list of things he was allowed to do, spinning on a stationary bike was one.  So I would frequently see Tim and Zoe together at my Friday morning spin class….at 5:45 am!

Determination paid off.

I remember when Zoe told me that Tim and Murphy would be leaving the following week for Tanzania for the Mount Kilimanjaro “hike”.

WOW….”, I said.  “God’s will most certainly.”

Today, we prayed a special prayer of “thankfulness” for Tim, Murphy, and any others who’ve battled back.

What’s been on your bucket list that you’re not making any progress towards?

My prayer today is that we all think of people like Tim Brennan, a determined prayer warrior, who let God lead him in recovery and up the mountain, literally, to accomplish his dream.

Well done, my friend!


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AUG 2, 2017 WAWA: “Kings, Queens, and a Duke: The Royal Run Route”

Spectacular run route planned to align with a spectacular weather forecast on Wednesday morning!  Mid to high 60’s with no rain in sight.  This week’s route is an easy 4.7 miles with a few hills along the way.  We’ll cover Queens Road, Kings Road, and pass the Duke Mansion!  Hence….the reason for this week’s run route title.

Run route at this LINK.

Three primary hills along the way:

Mile 1.0 – Mile 1.4

Mile 1.75 – Mile 3.25 (long, steady climb)

Mile 3.7 – Mile 4.1

Gather outside the Cornwell Center at 6 am ready to go!

See you then!



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