OCT 4, 2017 WAWA: Three P’s Run Route

Trying out a new run route this week that I created using the “route genius” feature on MapMyRun.  Distance is just under 5 miles….and we’ll primarily follow three roads that begin with the letter “P”…..Princeton, Poindexter, and Park.

Run Route at This Link

Three main climbs along the route this week:

-Climb 1:  Mile 0.84 – Mile 1.34 (approx. 90 ft)

-Climb 2:  Mile 1.83 – Mile 2.57 (approx. 80 ft)

-Climb 3:  Mile 3.66 – Finish Line (approx. 60 ft.)

Meet outside the Cornwell Center at 5:45 am, ready to go!

WORKOUT Leader:  Mike Lenhart

DEVOTION Leader:  Mike Lenhart