OCT 4, 2017 Devotional: “Finding our way through the brokenness”

Tough run this morning.  Not just because the planned route was 4.9 miles.  Nope….we missed one of the turns along the darkened neighborhood streets over in Dilworth….and that mistake added nearly another mile to the “event”….5.8 miles!  Yours truly was especially hurting after leading yesterday’s boot camp that included a lot of squats!  Ouch!

Today’s broken route, however, is a reminder that we live in a broken world.  This week’s deadly attacks by a deranged gunman in Las Vegas are vivid reminders.  Hurricanes and other natural disasters to the Caribbean and southern states are also still fresh on the minds of many, especially those having to endure the rebuilding process.

How can we deal with this brokenness in our world?

I think we need to step back and remember that Jesus, too, lived in a world filled with brokenness.  Broken promises.  Broken families.  Broken nations.  And broken covenants.

Jesus, himself, gasped his final breaths after the bones in his legs were crushed, smashed and broken by the Roman soldiers overseeing his crucifixion.

There is hope in the triumph over the brokenness.  How do I know?  Look no further than the story of Jesus’ resurrection.  He rose from the dead….rose from the brokenness with the promise of everlasting life for all of us.

Brokenness will not prevail despite the pain and misery.  We know that from scripture…and we can draw hope in that same story when we’re pessimistic about today’s world.

God sent his son to be our Lord and Savior.  We hear that time and time again.  What does that mean?

“Lord” means that we have declared someone with the power and authority over all others.  Jesus as “lord” means we’ve put our trust in His hands above all others.  We do this when times are good…and we must also do this when times are bad.  Jesus as “lord” also speaks to the personal relationship that He wants to have with us.  The Bible is full of analogies on this point, but my favorite remains those that demonstrate shepherds and sheep.  The “good shepherd” knows his sheep and they know him.  Such is the case with Jesus as Lord.

Next, “savior” means we have a path to eternal life.  Jesus is not just the one we trust (as Lord) but also the one who will show us the path to Heaven.  What greater gift can there be?

In this broken world, we need to trust in our Lord and Savior for all those reasons and more.

On today’s run, at one point Josh Jones told me a verse from scripture that is so appropriate for today’s devotional:

“May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  ROM 15:5-6

We found our way this morning despite the broken route.  And we will find our way in this broken world too.