OCT 18, 2017 WAWA: “Not Lost….Looking for Lyndhurst”

If you follow this Wednesday workouts site, you might recall that we missed a turn a couple weeks ago on an early morning run.  That “miss” resulted in nearly an extra mile to our planned run route!  Yikes!

That mysterious street name is Elmhurst Road….and I found out later that it actually doesn’t directly connect to the road we were running on, and that’s why we missed it.  Long story…..

This week, we’re running a 5.3 mile route that includes a street named “Lyndhurst” which must be the older brother of Elmhurst, but clearly more identifiable along our route!  I promise!  I actually drive past this street most days on my way home from work in Uptown Charlotte.

Here we go….this week’s planned route is at this LINK.

Generally speaking, we’re going to wind our way down Queens Road West to East Blvd.  Then we’ll run about a mile and a third into the Dilworth neighborhood, turning left onto LYNDHURST AVE.  From there, we’ll wind through Dilworth (west) along Lyndhurst, left onto McDonald, right on Park, left onto Princeton….and finally turn back towards the Cornwell Center.

Tomorrow morning will be a little chilly.  Temps in the mid 40’s so dress warm, keeping in mind that we’ll be feeling fairly “warm” about a mile into our route.

Meet outside the Cornwell Center at 5:45 am ready to go!