NOV 1, 2017 WAWA: “Howling at the Moon!”

We’ve had a great run lately, pun intended, with WAWA workouts solely focused on running the streets around Myers Park and Dilworth neighborhoods.  This week, we’re staying closer to home and re-visiting the parking deck stairs at Queens University of Charlotte.  It’s been way too long……!

Here’s the general framework.  We’ll meet outside the Cornwell Center at 5:45 am, ready for a quick stretch.  Then we’ll run across the street to the Queens University of Charlotte “taller and newer” parking deck.

We’re planning a total of 8 sets.  Each set will take us UP the newer stairwell, then directly back DOWN.  Exit the stairwell and run to the “medium-sized” and older stairwell, and run UP that stairwell.  Exit the stairwell at the top to the parking deck.  Remember that this older stairwell exits to the open-air on top of the building!  Hello, moon and stars!

At that point, since it’s SET 1, we’ll complete 8 exercises as shown in the table below, 10 reps each.  Finally, we’ll run down the parking deck ramps, exit the deck and gather at the base of stairwell #1 for the next set.

Each set will drop the number of exercises by 1, but the number of reps might increase.  For example, SET 2 has 7 exercises, SET 3 has 6 exercises, …. SET 8 has just 1 exercise.

For the accountants and bankers in our group, each set has fixed exercises (stairwell #1, stairwell #2, and running down parking deck) and variable exercises as explained above!

This weekend, we’ll push the clocks back an hour which means we’ll (finally) have some daylight during the weekly Wednesday workouts.  But this also means it will be our last chance to see moonlight from atop the second parking deck!  Last chance to “howl at the moon”!

Weather this week will be slightly warmer than we’ve seen.  Temps in mid to upper 40’s when we start our workout.  Sunrise is around 7:45 am ET.

See you at 5:45 am, ready to stretch and burn off all the Halloween candy you ate the night before!