DEC 13, 2017 WAWA: “Calling all polar bears!”

If you asked me earlier this morning, I was going to post-pone WAWA for this week, due to the weather forecast that calls for 25 degree temps at 6 am tomorrow morning!  Yikes!

For those of you, however, who want to brave the cold, I do have an “un-official” workout planned that’s mostly indoors.

Meet in the lobby of the Cornwell Center at 6 am for a “modified”, 30-minute stairs workout.  We’ll grab some light dumbbells and head over to the “heated”, fully closed in, parking deck stairwell at Queens University.  These stairs are no joke…but I promise you’ll be warm.

Bundle up for the run over, then we’ll take off a layer or two for the workout.


6 sets of stairs carrying light to medium dumbbells.  DB workout at the top will vary, then descend back to the bottom.

Set 1:  Bicep curls (25x)

Set 2:  Overhead presses (25x)

Set 3:  Plank DB rows (10x each side)

Set 4:  Standing lunges with dumbbells (10x each side)

Set 5:  Push-Pull jacks with DBs (15x)

Set 6:  DB kickbacks (20x)

We should be back to the Cornwell Center NLT 6:45 am.

Piece of cake….!  Or pieces of frozen yogurt, maybe!??

Remember, start time is shifted back by 15 minutes for this week!

See you in the morning!

And, if we’ll miss you in the morning, please plan to join us NEXT Wednesday at 5:45 am for the final WAWA of 2017…..our annual “Lights Run” up Hillside Avenue and down Picardy Place.

WORKOUT Leader:  Mike Lenhart

DEVOTION Leader:  Mike Lenhart