MAY 23, 2018 WAWA: “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise…!”

I hope I’m not really dating myself by referencing one of Gomer Pyler’s more famous lines from the Andy Griffith Show.  It’s really a play on words….as it relates to our planned run route for this week.  You’ll recall that I’ve asked for Burt Phillips’ input more often lately on our routes…especially when we’re running through Eastover.  Such is the case again this week….and I won’t know the details until the morning.  And that means, we’ll all be surprised in the morning.

All I can say is that our route will be around 4.5 miles, give or take.  Last week we made a point to realize the humidity and will adjust our pace as needed.

Weather should be great this Wednesday morning; Temp will be in lower 70’s with humidity around 85%.  No rain expected during the run and sunrise is at 6:14 am.

Join us in the morning.  Gather outside the Cornwell Center at 5:45 am, ready to go.

WORKOUT Leader:  Burt Phillips

DEVOTIONAL Leader:  Mike Lenhart