SEP 26, 2018 WAWA: “Booty Loop with a Sterling Twist!”

Many around Charlotte know about the famous “booty loop” around Myers Park.  Our workout this week will generally follow that route, except we’ll expand out slightly along Sterling Road.  Don’t worry….that extension only adds about a half-mile to the normal Booty Loop run.

The extension adds Sterling Road and Queens Road East to our run.

No problems!  Planned distance is 3.8 miles.

Meet outside the Cornwell Center at 5:45 am.  We’ll step off shortly thereafter.  Easy pace.

Weather will be cooler; temps in upper 60’s…with no chance of rain.  Sunrise is at 7:15 am so plan accordingly.

See you in the morning!

WORKOUT Leader:  Mike Lenhart

DEVOTIONAL Leader:  Mike Lenhart

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SEP 19, 2018 WAWA: “Hill Repeats on a NEW Hill”

The rain from the past few days has finally ended so we have an easy paced, 5-mile run planned for this week.  We’ll travel along Princeton Ave, to Willow Oak Road, then turn left down Devon Drive.  This is our NEW hill!

0.15 miles long with about 65 feet of elevation change.  We’ll tackle the Devon hill 4 times.

Heading back to the Cornwell Center, taking an easy pace up Brandywine Road (another hill), then left along Selwyn Avenue, back to Cornwell.

Map of the planned 5.0 mile route is at this LINK.

Meet out front at 5:45 am.  Cooler temps at 67 degrees in the morning.  Sunrise is trending later now, scheduled for 7:10 am.

See you then!

WORKOUT Leader:  Mike Lenhart

DEVOTIONAL Leader:  Mike Lenhart

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SEP 12, 2018 WAWA: “Planting Seeds with Intervals”

For this week’s WAWA, we’re continuing to build up our “base” running.  Last week was stairs and stretching.  This week, we’re focused on intervals.  The goal this week is to plant some early seeds as we continue with the build phase.  Here’s the plan:

The Workout:

After the warm-up, participants will go behind the Cornwell Center for a “run at your own pace” workout.  Here’s the catch:  You will need to pay attention to your pace, time and distance.

Everyone will take off running at a moderate pace along Roswell Road, behind the Cornwell Center, heading west towards Queens Road West.  Run for 1 minute, then turn around and backtrack towards the Cornwell Center for a minute again.  The goal is to finish exactly back at the Cornwell Center at the same pace.

Next, turn around and head back down Roswell Road.  This time your “interval” is 2 minutes out and 2 minutes back.

Third interval is 3 minutes out and 3 minutes back.

Fourth interval is 4 minutes out and 4 minutes back.

After the 4 minute interval, we’ll go back down the pyramid with a 3 minute, a 2 minute, and a final 1 minute interval.

Remember, the goal is to “hit” your turnaround points behind the Cornwell Center on the designated minute interval.

Total running in this week’s workout is 32 minutes.

Hurricane Florence continues to churn off the NC coast…so out weather will remain overcast and probably a bit windier for the run.  No rain is expected….yet.  And temps will be in the lower 70’s.  Sunrise isn’t until after 7:00 am, so please wear something reflective and/or headlamps if possible.

Meet outside the Cornwell Center at 5:45 am ready to go!

WORKOUT Leader:  Mike Lenhart

DEVOTIONAL Leader:  Mike Lenhart

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SEPT 5, 2014 Devotional: “Are you a corporate leader, comforter, and pastor?”

Here in Charlotte, I lead a group of about 30 software quality assurance testers for one of the city’s national banks.  And my team is fairly evenly split; half work here in North Carolina and the remainder work in Bangalore, India.  In the corporate sense, this is referred to as “on-shore” and “off-shore” labor.  For me, however, they are all ONE team.  They’re my team and I am their leader.

Leadership, as my college alma mater taught me, comes in many shapes and sizes.  The most significant type of leadership to me has always been “reverent leadership”; by definition, reverent leadership (or power) is gained by a leader who has strong interpersonal relationship skills. Referent power, as an aspect of personal power, becomes particularly important as organizational leadership is increasingly about collaboration and influence rather than command and control.  For me, reverent leadership has never been about being “liked” so much as it’s being respected and being the type of leader that others would follow without question.

Pat yourself on the back if this is the type of leader you are….or aspire to be!  I have my bad days as a manager, but (hopefully) on a majority of the good days, my team would agree that I resemble most of the reverent leadership traits.

“Leadership” also brings its share of responsibility.  Remember the old saying, “to that which much is given, much is expected”.

Sound familiar?  Jesus told a parable in Luke 12:48 about a servant who was given a lot of responsibility and much was expected in return.  I believe in a corporate sense today, much is expected from those who are responsible for the lives and welfare of those working subordinate to us.  And, also in a corporate sense, this is typically defined as making sure the work gets done, by the appropriate skilled individuals, that they are paid appropriately for the work they do, and ensure the greater good of the team is paramount above all… long as the organization’s bottom line is profitable.

But what does this parable say to us in a Biblical sense?

I learned a little more about this recently when tragedy struck my close-nit team.  One of the Charlotte team members, died suddenly and unexpectedly.  Though I will go on record saying I do not have “favorites” on my team, this particular individual was quite special.  His personality and demeanor, often times a little abrupt with his northern, Brooklyn accent, represented the core character of the entire team.  Always the first into the office, he was my go-to guy when I needed to get a pulse of the team.  He would willingly tell me where I had gaps and respectfully offer recommendations.

He was the first to tell me about a new coffee shop opening in Uptown.  Or share any rumors of new restaurants.

And he had a certain sense about the others on the team.  While he was quick to put dissention in its place, he was just as quick to offer up someone else’s good deeds ahead of his own.  A true team player.

I miss him dearly….and that’s not something that’s shared often in our corporate settings.

When I got the news of his passing, I shifted quickly into the mode that was shaped from my military training.:  “Focus the team on what needs to happen; continue the mission; adapt where necessary; don’t spend a lot of time on the softer side of what’s happening, else we lose any momentum towards the goal at hand.”

My tester had been uncharacteristicly missing from work and as I worked with Charlotte police for several days, jointly we put some pieces together, which ultimately allowed them to discover him passed away in his home.  Upon confirming the news I had thought might be the outcome, I assembled my team, informed them of the news, and put together an email message for a broader audience that included executives from the bank.  I began assisting police on how to contact the next of kin.  And, for me, I kept myself busy for several days, even weeks, as if to stay ahead of the personal grief that would eventually surface.

Corporate America doesn’t always prepare us for what should be the more compassionate response.  But God does.  Where much is given, and where much is expected.  I faced many team members and other co-workers who cried at the news of his passing.  I met with the mother of my employee after she and one of her other sons traveled to Charlotte from Brooklyn.  What was I to say?  What was my role in all of this?

Could I share tears in front of my co-workers?  Could I offer an embrace to ease someone’s pain?  Would either of these be perceived as weakness from someone who’s supposed to be a leader?

Recall Jesus openly weeping over the loss of his dear friend, Lazarus in John 11:35.

Leader….yes.  Comforter…..huh?  Pastor… way!

Leader, comforter, and pastor…..yes, in the immediate days that followed, and continuing still a month since his passing.

Not a day has gone by since “Jimmie” suddenly departed that I haven’t thought about him while driving into Uptown.  I’ve even reached for my phone a few times getting ready to text him asking, “are there any surprises I need to know about today?…..”

I believe the lesson in this untimeliness is the leaning back on our spiritual muscle memory.  I could not have predicted any of this would happen to me….nor could I have promised how I would respond.  I can only be thankful that God has prepared me, and with His grace, I was able to be leader….comforter….and pastor…to a grieving team, a heart-broken family, and the empty pit in my own heart.  There are no other explanations than to be thankful for a loving God that has carried me once again through some difficult times.

If you can relate to the story of my past several weeks, then I hope you can also relate to God’s grace in our lives.  My prayer today is that we will always have a loving Father to show us how to lead, how to comfort, and, most importantly, how to pastor those who need that simple kindness in our broken world.



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SEPT 5, 2018 WAWA: “Short and Tall Stacks….and we’re NOT talking Pancakes!”

Finally….after a month of rest and recovery, we’re easing back into WAWA this week!  I’ve designed a workout this Wednesday that should ease us back into WAWA form!

Some stairs….and some stretching…..that’s the format!

Meet outside the Cornwell Center just before 5:45 am.  Please grab or bring a yoga mat with you.


Initial Stretching (5 min):

-Easy jog over to “short stack” parking deck, climbing to the rooftop and stretching for about 5 minutes.

Stairs Set (20 min):

-Down 1 short stack stairwell, up/down 1 tall stack stairwell, then back up 1 short stack stairwell.

-Down 1 short stack stairwell, up/down 2 tall stack stairwells, then back up 1 short stack stairwell.

-Down 1 short stack stairwell, up/down 3 tall stack stairwells, then back up 1 short stack stairwell.

-Down 1 short stack stairwell, up/down 2 tall stack stairwells, then back up 1 short stack stairwell.

-Down 1 short stack stairwell, up/down 1 tall stack stairwell, then back up 1 short stack stairwell.

Stretching Set (15-20 min):  Back on the roof of the short stack parking deck!

Leg Swing
Standing Hip Circle
Balancing Hip Hinge Opener
Lateral Lunge
Frog Pop
Thoracic Reach
Down Dog Hip Opener
Lying Hip Rotation
Piriformis Stretch
V-Sit Hamstring Stretch
Spinal Twist
Happy Baby
Stomach Spinal Twist
Child’s Pose
Lunge Hold
Cat Cow
Down Dog Hip Opener

Then, we’ll roll up our mats and take an easy jog back to the Cornwell Center!

See you in the morning!  Weather will be overcast, with temps in the lower 70’s.  No rain in the morning forecast.

WORKOUT Leader:  Mike Lenhart

DEVOTIONAL Leader:  Mike Lenhart


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