NOV 28, 2018 WAWA: “Fire and Ice Run”

Colder temps in Charlotte this week….and I don’t you to shy away from this week’s planned run.  We’re hitting the enclosed stairwell at Queens University….with a little bit outdoors.  The “FIRE” portion of the workout is running once, twice or three times up and down the seven floor parking deck.  Then, the “ICE” portion is running in the alley way just outside the entrance to the stairwell.  We’ve done this before.  Challenging but “do-able” workout.

Here’s the details:

-Meet outside the Cornwell Center ready to go at 5:45 am.

-Easy jog over to Queens, across the street from the Cornwell Center.

-First Set:  Up/Down stairwell, then down and back once in the alley.

-Second Set:  Up/Down stairwell twice, then down and back twice in the alley.

-Third Set:  Three times up/down and three times down and back.

-Fourth Set:  Back to two’s.

-Fifth Set:  Back to one’s.

Now, here’s the challenging part.  Temps at 6 am will be upper 20’s but will feel like lower 20’s with the wind.  That’s the outside temp, so we’ll be fine in the stairwell.  And the alley is relatively short.  We can do this!

Sunrise is at 7:12 am.

See you in the morning!

WORKOUT Leader:  Mike Lenhart

DEVOTIONAL Leader:  Mike Lenhart