JAN 16, 2019 WAWA: “Heading East to Break the Curse!”

I read that 80% of individual’s new year’s resolutions are broken by January 14th of that “new year”.  Some might refer to that as the “New Year’s Resolution Curse“!  So, I purposely set up our first WAWA run of the year a couple days past that date!  So, if you show up tomorrow, you’re in a unique group of twenty-percent-ers!

Planning a steady run tomorrow to get us back towards our running groove.  Just under 4.0 miles through Eastover neighborhood.  Your main running markers will be running “out” Hempstead and running “back” along Museum.  We’ll cut through Sherwood to Colville to enter Eastover.


Weather temps are planned to be hovering around 32 degrees so dress appropriately.  And it’s pretty dark that time of the morning, so don’t forget reflective gear and/or headlamps.  We’ll get warmed up fairly quickly on the route!

See you outside the Cornwell Center at 5:45 am ready to go!

WORKOUT Leader:  Mike Lenhart

DEVOTIONAL Leader:  Mike Lenhart