MAR 13, 2019 WAWA: “Run, Track, Run Workout”

First run with the recent daylight savings time-change….which means it will be even more dark in the mornings!  Plan accordingly….reflective gear, headlamps, etc.

Running from Cornwell Center to the AG Middle School track.  4 total laps on the track:

-Easy jog on first straight-away

-Sprints on the next 6 straight-aways

-Easy jog on 8th straight-away

Return route to the Cornwell Center upon leaving the track.

Piece of cake, right?

Total distance planned is about 4.6 miles, including the track work.  Route map is HERE.

Gather outside the Cornwell Center, ready to go at 5:45 am.

Temps will be in lower 40’s.  Sunrise will not be until nearly 8 am ET.

See you then!

WORKOUT Leader:  Mike Lenhart

DEVOTIONAL Leader:  Mike Lenhart