MAY 1, 2019 WAWA: “Self-Directed Running on Tap!”

We’re “leaderless” this week (or should I say…”you’re leaderless this week”) since Coach Mike has a prior commitment.  Recommended running workout posted below.

Then, for the next 6 weeks, Mike will be recovering from shoulder surgery, including wearing an arm sling.  Workouts will be posted and good chance Mike will be there for sending off runners, and greeting them upon return for devotional.

This week’s recommendation is interval training along Roswell Street behind the Cornwell Center.

First Set:  Run out 1 minute, then return 1 minute.

Second Set:  Run out 2 minutes, then return 2 minutes.

Third Set:  4 minutes, 4 minutes

Fourth Set:  3 minutes, 3 minutes.

Fifth Set:  2 minutes, 2 minutes

Final Set:  1 minute, 1 minute.

Goal is to hit your same split time out and back!

Take no more than 30 seconds rest in between sets.

Good luck!

WORKOUT Leader:  Self-paced

DEVOTIONAL Leader:  Mike Lenhart (posted later)