SEP 18, 2019 WAWA: Three Churches Run

We’re bringing back one of my favorite run routes this week…one that we haven’t done in nearly 2 years!  It’s a great route for both current runners looking for distance as well as new runners looking to establish some sort of baseline.  Route(s) will call in mind three landmark churches in our neighborhood:  Myers Park Baptist, Myers Park Presbyterian, and Myers Park Methodist.  The course will be somewhat “plug and play”, meaning you’ll get to pick your own distance for this WAWA.  We’ll start at 5:45 am….and everyone should be done by 6:25 am for cool down and devotional.

Here’s the workout:

First Loop (everyone does):  Starting at The Cornwell Center (CC), participants will run down Selwyn Avenue towards Myers Park Baptist Church (MPBC), turning around at the intersection of Queens & Selwyn.

Once participants return to The Cornwell Center, they’ll immediately head back towards MPBC, go past the Baptist church and continue towards Myers Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC).  At the intersection of Queens & Oxford, runners will turn around and head back to The Cornwell Center.

Finally, runners will again turn around in front of The Cornwell Center and head back up Selwyn/Queens, this time running towards/past Myers Park Methodist Church (MPMC).  At the intersection of Queens & Providence, runners will complete the last loop heading back to The Cornwell Center.

Total distance on the three church run for the first loop is 2.5 miles.

Second Loop (runner’s choice):  Using the distances below, runners will choose their route for the second loop.  For example, here’s a few options:

-Run past Baptist & turn around at Methodist then back:  0.80 miles total

-Run past Presbyterian & turn around at Methodist then back:  1.2 miles total

-Run past Baptist & turn around at Presbyterian then back:  0.6 miles total

-Out and back to Methodist twice:  1.3 miles total

Or you can simply repeat the three churches for 2.5 miles total on the second loop!

Distance diagram:

Cornwell Center < —— > Myers Park Baptist (0.15 miles)

Cornwell Center < —– >  Myers Park Presbyterian (0.45 miles)

Cornwell Center < —– >  Myers Park Methodist (0.65 miles)

Take a minute ahead of time to plan out your second loop!

Cool Down / Devotional at 6:25 am in front of the Cornwell Center.

Workout Leader:  Mike Lenhart

Devotion Leader:  Mike Lenhart

See you at 5:45 am outside the Cornwell Center ready to go!