JAN 29, 2020 WAWA: Getting into that 2020 Vision!

Full transparency, I’ve had a million excuses for kick-starting WAWA this year.  Weather….work….family.  Probably all good excuses, right?


We’re back on track this week….it’s a new year…2020!  

Hill repeats, my favorite!  (Using a route we did last year….route link is below).

Route is posted at THIS LINK: WAWA 10232019 run route.

Total planned distance is right around 4 miles, if you do all four hill repeats.  (Approximately 1/4 mile downhill; 1/4 mile back uphill.)

That’s a lot of “four’s”!

We’ll meet outside the Cornwell Center at 5:45 am.  Temps will be in mid 30’s with no rain in the forecast…..a beautiful morning to run!

Look “FOUR-ward” to seeing everyone in the morning!

WORKOUT Leader: Mike Lenhart

DEVOTIONAL Leader: Mike Lenhart