What is WAWA?

“WAWA” stands for “Wednesday AM Workout & Accountability”. You are invited join us each week from 5:40 am – 6:30 am, during the school year, or 6:00 am – 7:00 am, during the summer months, for the weekly WAWA!  For the most part, we are primarily a running group but occasionally you may find some boot camp workouts on the weekly calendar.  Each workout consists of 45 minutes of exercise followed by 5 minutes of a devotional message.  By design, one part of WAWA feeds your body; the other part feeds your soul.

WAWA will initially be led by Mike Lenhart, who is a long-time group fitness instructor in both Atlanta and (more recently) in Charlotte. WAWA began as an extension of the Emerging Leaders program at Myers Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC), primarily as another outlet to connect to church, family and service. Now, however, WAWA is open to anyone regardless of religious affiliation.

We’ll post the workout and gathering location on this website and our Facebook page by Tuesday afternoon each week for the upcoming WAWA.  Unless otherwise stated, please meet in the lobby of The Cornwell Center at 2001 Selwyn Ave, Charlotte, NC 28207.

Workouts are inclusive for all. No prior experience is necessary. Workout focus will vary from week to week and might include activities such as core strengthening, boot camp, running, weight-training, circuit drills, team fitness challenges, and more. WAWA is also a co-ed program for both men and women.

WAWA will conclude each workout with a devotional “huddle”, another great way to start your day!

We look forward to seeing you soon….how about joining us this coming Wednesday?