APR 27, 2016 WAWA: Triangle Circuit Relays

I’m introducing a brand new WAWA this week….should be fun!

Start time is 5:40 am.  Meet at the downstairs basketball court of the Cornwell Center.  Finish time is 6:30 am.

I’ll divide you into teams of 4 people each.  Three of the team members will each stand at a station corresponding to a corner of the triangle, with the sides of the triangle 100 meters apart.  The fourth person is the first “runner”.

Participants will move around the triangle like a relay, with only one person running between stations at a time.  When the runner arrives to a station, he/she will “high five” their teammate.  The “tagged” person will execute the drills at that station.  The runner stays at that station.  Once the tagged person completes the number of reps, he/she runs to the next station, tags their teammate, who executes the drills at that station.  Make sense??

Relay of Doom pic


Teams will rotate around the triangle 4 times, with everyone doing a station 4 times as well.  4 times = Circuit

I’ll set up a total of 4 circuits.  In-between each circuit, we’ll run two laps around the basketball court at an easy pace.

Here’s the 4 circuits:

Circuit One:

Pushups (10 reps)

Split Squats with riser (10 each side)

Plank T’s (10 each side)

Circuit Two:

Power Jacks (10 reps)

Side Plank Hip Drops (5 reps each side)

BOSU overhead dumbbell presses (30)

Circuit Three:

Mountain Climbers (50)

Dive Bombers (20)

Plank Clocks with Pushup (180 degrees, PU, then 180 degrees, PU)

Circuit Four:

Wide-feet Squat Thrusts (basically a burpee minus the pushup part) (15 reps)

Jump Rope (50)

Rolling Get Ups (15 reps)